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Waiting for the winter!


Gift cards at Riekstukalns

Dear Friends, 

If you agree that the time well spent is a great present, then that is exactly the kind of present we can provide you with.




Please be responsible while visiting us!

We are getting ready for summer season!

Also we will be responsible and we ask You to do the same!


Novelty in "Squirrels Village"

We are celebrating a new friendship with "ORTOTO"!

We welcome you to enjoy new feelings in a healthy, evolving and entertaining way.


Disk Golf and "Squirrels Village" join summer attractions!

Starting from June 7th, two new summer attractions are opening - Disk Golf and "Squirrels Village"!

Disc Golf is an active game that requires precision to throw a flying dish in to one of the 18 forest track baskets.

"Squirrels Village" is a great playground where the smallest visitors can be entertained by swinging, jumping, climbing, crawling and amusing. ...


Come and try new summer attraction - zip line!

Also on this weekend, May 25th and 26th, Riekstukalns summer attractions will be waiting for visitors!

Starting from this weekend, a new Zip Line will be added to already existing summer attractions! It is a 650 m long rope, divided into 8 stages and with a maximum speed of 30km / h, 16 m above the ground! ...